Fi-Block™ – Fire wrap



  • Fi-Block is a passive intumescent fire protection product designed to seal fire wall penetrations so ensuring the fire rating of the building partition is maintained.
  • Fi-Block is approved to be used in conjunction with Thermobreak® Tube Insulation for Dry Wall, Rigid Wall and Rigid Floor penetrations. The intumescent expands (up to 30 times), slowly replacing the space occupied by the insulation, producing a solid compact material which inhibits further progress of the fire through the wall cavity.



  • Tested and Certified to AS 4072.1, BS476.20, and EN1366.3
  • Provides a fire resistant barrier for up to 4 hours depending on application
  • Environmentally Safe – halogen and fibre free
  • Easily installed over in-situ piping by one person


Size Availability

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